The science of society
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Publisher: Trieste Publishing
Language: English
ISBN: 9780649011254
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The science of society

Stephen Pearl Andrews

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The Science Of Society - is a book, which was published in 1913 and written by Stephen Pearl Andrews. Stephen Pearl Andrews was a 19th century American libertarian socialist, individualist anarchist, linguist, and political philosopher. He was also an outspoken abolitionist and the author of several books on the labor movement and individualist anarchism. This book was first printed almost forty years ago, but the publication was not successful. Due to such a cold reception, lack of demand, the work withstood only a few small print runs, and then disappeared from the market. The sharp, broad and tireless mind of the author led him into new areas of thought, he never reprinted it. Thus, for more than a quarter of a century it has been practically out of sight. However, his work never stopped. In some places the seed fell on the oases, and in fertile places it always took deep roots and reproduced its own kind. Children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren were rarely aware of their origins, but today the family is so numerous that the branches of its family tree permeate an ever-increasing and often controlling influence in all departments of life, what Mr. Andrews happily calls "Man's social habitat". It can only be of benefit to this family to learn of its parentage, especially when the power of the printing press enables it to revive and resow the parental seed in more receptive soil. That is the purpose of this new edition of The Science of Society. The social problem is closer to our heels than it was in 1851, and a book that sets out as clearly the basic principles in which alone its solution can be found is urgently needed. The author himself, in the last years of his life, sincerely wished for its republishing, and the publisher takes pleasure in the thought that this enterprise will meet his approval.

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