Belief in the divinity of Jesus Christ
Paperback: 274
Publisher: Trieste Publishing
Language: English
ISBN: 9780649009268
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Belief in the divinity of Jesus Christ

Henri Didon

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Book description

Belief In The Divinity Of Jesus Christ - is a collection of lectures, which was published in 1894 and written by Henri Didon, Dominican friar, French preacher and writer The author dedicated these lectures to you. The author, as a priest of Jesus Christ, has nothing closer to his heart than to open Christ to people and help them become His loving and intelligent disciples, faithful, despite trials and persecution, even to death. To be a disciple of Jesus Christ means to make His free choice and accept Him as a Teacher, to submit to Him the mind so that He can enlighten it, the conscience so that He can direct and command it, freedom and will so that He can support and stimulate them with His spirit, to give our life to Him so that He can fashion it in His own way, to place our destiny in His hands so that He can fulfill it. The disciple accepts as truth all that Jesus said and taught; he accepts everything he commands as the law of absolute perfection, and tries to do everything that Jesus did, following his example as the perfect ideal of holiness. Every human word that is contrary to His word is wrong, every law that is contrary to His law is evil, every life that is contrary to His life is corrupt. Open your hearts to the Spirit of Christ so He can become the divine principle of universal activity in you. We know to whom Christ gave a certain teaching about humanity, about His law and His teaching. These pages are worth reading with heart and conscience. If what is written in the book can bring any light and any energy into your faith, if it can purify and reaffirm it, if it can raise among you more ardent and more determined disciples of Jesus Christ, the author's greatest ambition will be satisfied.

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Review by Sachin Riddle

Posted on 01.11.2020

This was interesting but I didn’t completely agree with everything

Review by Guest

Posted on 17.01.2019

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