The history of a mountain
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Publisher: Trieste Publishing
Language: English
ISBN: 9780649008490
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The history of a mountain

Elisée Reclus

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The history of a mountain - is a book, which was published in 1881, as a translation of Elisée Reclus “Histoire d'une montagne”. Élisée Reclus was a prominent French geographer and anarchist, author of the monumental work of regional geography of the world "La Nouvelle Géographie universelle, la terre et les hommes" 20 vols. (1876—1894). This geographical popularizing work, written in 1875-1876, that is, six years after the “Histoire d'un ruisseau”, is designed for a young and popular audience. As in her previous work “Histoire d'un ruisseau”, Élisée Reclus here combines scientific research, climate, geology, flora, fauna with moral and political reflections on progress and happiness. Exploration of the mountain is carried out in the company of a shepherd. This is truly a classic. The originality of the theme, the charm of writing: at the Faculty of Geography, a minute of poetry at a pocket price. Histoire d'une montagne is a geographical treatise on mountains and their landscapes, written in a poetic manner. The story is written in the first person, which excites the reader's imagination and he can identify with the narrator.

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No one has ever done a better job than Elisée Reclus

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