Froebel letters
Paperback: 210
Publisher: Trieste Publishing
Language: English
ISBN: 9780649006687
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Froebel letters

Arnold H. Heinemann

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Froebel Letters – is a book, which was published in 1893 and written by Arnold H. Heinemann. Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel was the creator of ideas and practices of public preschool education, initiated the training of educators of preschool institutions, the so-called "kindergarteners". An important task that Froebel set for the school of educators was to study the psycho physiological principles of child development, mastering the means of influencing it, methods of guiding its development, in particular, the means of using didactic material and more. Froebel was the most prominent teacher of the Romantic era, a representative of the idea of self-affirmation through self-help, self-improvement. A person who gives his whole being to his idea, sacrificing every selfish interest to his spiritual tendencies of loving service to his altruistic ideals. The inspired enthusiast, who’s every thought, every word and every action bears the stamp of his devotion to his mission, is a being to which no one receptive to great and noble feelings can approach without admiration and reverence. If you look at his face and you will find it like that. But how strangely this strength of character, combined with a tender desire to love and be loved, is expressed in almost feminine forms of the mouth and chin. If you look into these welcoming eyes, they express selfless devotion and always ardent enthusiasm. Undoubtedly, this man was the embodiment of a union of extraordinary energy with almost motherly love, a union necessary to make a person a skilled educator of youth and a friend of her parents. Friedrich Froebel was such a person.

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The book is very exciting.

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