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Whatever the topic, let Trieste books take you there.

About Us

Trieste publishes a broad range of high quality literary classics and rare books. Established in 2016, Trieste is a global publishing house dedicated to connecting our readers to a vast repository of bestselling titles brought back into print after many years.

Our Mission

We are committed to curating an extensive and exciting historical collection of fiction and non-fiction works from the world’s greatest writers. Our books cover a range of genres and are written in a number of languages: adult and children’s literature, science, religion, geology, geography, legislature and more.

Our Process

Our team of editors specialises in developing the best quality scanned original works available. We select based on quality. Each page is meticulously checked for imperfections by two or three of our staff. Unless a book meets the Trieste standard of excellence it won’t be published.

We foster unique reading experiences on many topics.

We are proud of our religious and historical catalogues and special collections for libraries.

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